Solicitor’s advice achieves 60% increase in compensation.

It is understandable when sometimes a client just wishes to put an accident behind them, accept an early offer of compensation and move on with their life.

However, as the saying goes, ‘persistence pays’ and it is important to remember that once liability is proven, the party at fault will wish to pay as little compensation as possible.

As specialist personal injury solicitors who obtain rightful compensation for their clients, day in and day out, the team at The Accident Specialists know from experience what compensation is likely to be awarded in certain circumstances. So, sometimes we will advise a client not to accept an offer which may seem reasonable.

This was the case recently for a lady, who had suffered a whiplash injury following a rear-end shunt to her car whilst stationary at a roundabout.

The other driver’s insurers offered our client £2,250, which we felt was less than she could reasonably expect in the particular circumstances of the accident. Our client hesitated at first, in the knowledge that pursuing a claim thought the courts would take longer.

In the end, our client was glad that she had taken our advice to go to court as, when the case was judged, our client was awarded £3,530, an increase of 60 per cent over the initial offer.

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