Pile it high strategy – proves costly after child is injured

“Pile it high, sell it cheap” was a core retail strategy of the 1970s.  Since then most retailers have generally moved away from that approach and focused on other marketing strategies – except when it comes to Christmas, when gifts and goodies are piled as high as possible in every square inch of retail space in an effort to capture that share of the Christmas spending bonanza.

The supermarket has a duty of care to its customers to ensure that they can shop safely.  Piling it high is not always without  risk to customers, as a client of The Accident Specialists found out when she was injured after passing an unsafe display.

A girl of 15 was walking with her grand parents through a leading brand supermarket, which had a display made up of bicycles in boxes on top of each other.  A bicycle was sitting on the very top of the pile.

As she went past, the display collapsed due to it being unsteady.  The collapse of the pile was nothing to do with the girl, but the boxes fell down hitting her in the back.

The girl’s family, approached The Accident Specialists to enquire whether their child would be eligible to claim any compensation for her injuries caused by the accident.

Our experienced personal injury team pursued the case on her behalf and after the supermarket admitted liability, she was awarded over £1500 for her injuries and out of pocket expenses.


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