Injury on icy platform receives £3,000 compensation

When the weather turns cold and icy, property owners need to be particularly vigilant and should have a system of inspection and measures to ensure the safety of any pedestrians.

Public authorities and organisations are advised to monitor temperatures and take action whenever freezing temperatures are forecast.  For example, they may be able to put a procedure in place to prevent an icy surface forming by using grit on an area which is prone to become slippery.

On a cold and frosty evening last winter, a lady stepped down from a train onto the railway platform.  She slipped on the icy platform surface and fell injuring her hip.  Although a friend was with her, there were no independent witnesses and no station staff to record it into an accident book.

The lady was taken to hospital and had to make several subsequent trips to her GP over the following year due to continued pain, which prevented her from taking her usual exercise

She turned to The Accident Specialists for advice on whether she would be entitled to compensation for this injury and we supported her in making a claim.

The rail company initially denied liability on the basis that there were no independent witnesses.

However, the personal injury team at The Accident Specialists was able to show that there was no system of regular inspection and gritting at the station and therefore there was a failure to ensure the safety of passengers.  Our client received around £3,000 in compensation for her injuries

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