Compensation for pain caused by back massage

Most of us think of a massage as contributing to a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing. However, in a small number of cases a massage may do more harm than good.

Properly trained masseurs and beauty therapists will study techniques that can be used to avoid injury during massage and they will learn the importance of recognising contraindications to a therapy. They are also advised to be alert to the responses of their clients during the massage.

Our client had booked herself a massage as a special treat whilst on a spa break. Rather than feeling on top of the world when she returned home as one might expect, she started suffering headaches and pain to her back.

On visiting her doctor, she was diagnosed with a trapped nerve and inflammation of the muscles and this was attributed to her recent massage. The pain to our client’s back continued for well over a year and she approached The Accident Specialists to enquire whether she was entitled to compensation.

A claim was commenced and faced with compelling medical evidence the spa owners accepted responsibility and our client was duly compensated.

If you have suffered from an injury whilst undergoing beauty treatment then please contact the experts at The Accident Specialists today.

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