Beware insurers bearing gifts

Receiving an unexpected cheque for £200 from an insurance company following an accident might seem like a god send, but it is important to resist the temptation to head straight to the bank and pay it in.  In doing so, you could well be forfeiting your chance to claim the level of compensation that you are legally entitled to.

This happened recently to a gentleman who was out cycling and was hit by a car as he stood stationary at a traffic junction.  The driver of the car stopped and the police were called to the scene at the time.

The driver admitted liability for the accident and informed her insurers, who rather promptly sent out a cheque for £200 compensation to the gentleman.

Fortunately, the man spoke to a neighbour who was a client of The Accident Specialists, injury solicitors, and recommended that he should come and speak to one of our personal injury lawyers before cashing the cheque.

Upon hearing the circumstances of the accident and that the driver had admitted liability, it was clear to us that, given his injuries, the gentleman was entitled to substantially more money than he had been sent.

It is worth bearing in mind, that the objective of the insurance company is to maximise income from premiums whilst minimising the amount of money which they have to pay out for claims.  One tactic employed is to rely on the fact that few people are familiar with the system or very knowledgeable about their legal rights.  It can be very tempting to cash a cheque on the basis that a bird in the hand is best.

However, it is important to always take legal advice from a specialist personal injury solicitor such as The Accident Specialists.  We have extensive experience of all types of injury claims and will be able to advise you whether any offer from an insurance company is adequate.

In this case, the gentleman decided to let The Accident Specialists handle his accident claim and we successfully obtained compensation for him in excess of £3,000.

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