Success Stories

The Accident Specialists trace hit-and–run driver to win £10,000 compensation

The Accident Specialists personal injury solicitors in Chester were recently asked to help identify and locate the driver from a hit-and-run incident in the town centre. The Accident Specialists were approached by a young lady and her parents who had … Continue reading

£8,000 for injury caused by supermarket staff

The most common injuries in a supermarket tend to be slips and trips on fallen fruit such as grapes or spilt liquids. However one shopper, who was innocently going about his business perusing the shelves, was inadvertently rammed in the … Continue reading

£3,000 for accident at work claim made just in time

After an injury, some people will just soldier on in the expectation that the injury will heal of its own accord. They may also be reluctant to claim any rightful compensation for fear of jeopardizing career prospects. However if an … Continue reading

£4,000 compensation for injury on coach

According to The Department for Transport, nearly 7,500 accidents happen each year involving a bus or a coach.  Of these, 870 were serious accidents and 60 incidents resulted in fatalities. The most tragic such incident was in March 2012, when … Continue reading

Three generations injured in road traffic accident all receive compensation

The Accident Specialists were recently instructed to act on behalf of three generations of the same family involved in a road traffic accident. The Accident Specialists personal injury solicitors in Chester made successful claims on behalf of a grandmother, her … Continue reading

Injury on icy platform receives £3,000 compensation

When the weather turns cold and icy, property owners need to be particularly vigilant and should have a system of inspection and measures to ensure the safety of any pedestrians. Public authorities and organisations are advised to monitor temperatures and … Continue reading

Pile it high strategy – proves costly after child is injured

“Pile it high, sell it cheap” was a core retail strategy of the 1970s.  Since then most retailers have generally moved away from that approach and focused on other marketing strategies – except when it comes to Christmas, when gifts … Continue reading

Beware insurers bearing gifts

Receiving an unexpected cheque for £200 from an insurance company following an accident might seem like a god send, but it is important to resist the temptation to head straight to the bank and pay it in.  In doing so, … Continue reading

Employer liable for traffic accident injuries in works van

The driver of a commercial vehicle who suffered injuries in a road traffic accident as a result of a burst tyre was able to claim compensation from his employer on the basis of the tyre being “defective work equipment”. The … Continue reading

It pays to be tested for industrial deafness

Hearing loss can take a long time to develop and so many people who may be entitled to compensation, due to hearing damage caused at work, lose out because they do not make the connection between their loss of hearing … Continue reading

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