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Childrens Accident Claims

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Children’s Accidents

If your child has had an accident which was not their fault you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation on their behalf.

In can be extremely traumatic if your son or daughter has been involved in an accident whether it occurred in the playground, at school, on the road or in any public area. Such accidents can cause much distress and anxiety to family members and we will not only pursue a claim for compensation but The Accident Specialists will ensure that everything is done to aid your child’s recovery.


Our legal experts have years of experience in claiming compensation for children’s accidents and thanks to their experience we have obtained maximum compensation for our clients, as shown in the recent example in our success stories

Your claim could include some or all of the following:

  • Compensation for their injuries
  • Travelling expenses incurred to and from hospital to visit your child
  • Physiotherapy charges
  • Extra care and assistance which you have provided to your child
  • Value of damaged clothing and personal effects

Why Make A Claim?

Whether your son or daughter has had an accident in the playground, at school, on the road or in a public area, or suffered a personal injury because of a faulty product or toy or due to medical negligence, we understand just how traumatic and worrying this is for you as a parent or guardian. Furthermore, we know how upsetting the whole experience is likely to be for your child, especially if he or she needs medical care as a result.

To help your child make a swift recovery, making a compensation claim on their behalf will ensure that your son or daughter receives the medical attention they need as well as ease any financial worries that your family may be feeling as a result of the accident.

How To Make A Child Accident Claim

Legally, an individual is classified as a child until they reach the age of 18 and a claim must be made by a Litigation Friend, normally a parent or guardian who is chosen to act on the child’s behalf. Our professional children’s accidents solicitors will offer you free advice and guidance on making a claim on behalf of your child.

Working on a No Win No Fee basis, it won’t cost you a penny to make a claim with The Accident Specialists and we will fight for the compensation due for your child’s case.

Get in touch with one of our legal team without obligation on Freephone 0800 009 3079. Or if you would prefer for us to contact you either make a claim online or use our call back request feature and one of our solicitors will contact you at your convenience.

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